Church Services - Sheridan
[Updated: May 15, 2020]

The Sheridan County Department of Public Health has issued an exception to the Statewide Health Order for Religious Organizations, allowing us to gather at our church building, as long as we follow certain provisions. In order to meet these provisions, we cannot all attend at the same time - but will need to attend by groups. The provisions are as follows and are to be implemented and encouraged by the ushers:

  • A 6 foot distance must be maintained between household groups at all times.
  • The number of people in a confined area at any time must be limited to allow for adequate distancing between households.
  • Close contact between members of different households is prohibited before, during and after the service.
  • There shall be no exchange of food or drink.

The following are plans for those invited to attend the services for the next three Sundays:

Date Groups Invited to Attend In-Person
5/17 Groups #1 and #7 (60 Years & Older)
5/24 Groups #2 and #3
5/31 Groups #4, #5 & #6

The same teleconference call for the church service is still available to all that stay home. Check with the local sound committee for access information.
If you are aware of some who may not get this message sent from the church call list, please reach out to them and pass this information along.

Click here to view the Sheridan County Public Health order.

Plans for future services will be made known at a later date. Please check back for updates.
2020 United St. John's Day Services via Live Audio
United St. John's Day services will be broadcast to the local congregation via teleconference.
Details for connecting to the services will be communicated using the local congregation's normal communication channels.
Contact a member of the local sound committee, the local board, or the contact person listed below with any questions.
See below for service dates and times.
Old Apostolic Lutheran Churc - Sheridan

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
of Sheridan, WY

Weekly Sunday Services at 11am
Everyone is Welcome
Communion is on the first Sunday of each month
Sunday School is after the Service

Location Address

111 Metz Road
Sheridan WY 82801

Mailing Address

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church
of Sheridan
PO Box 4024
Sheridan, WY 82801


Contact Person:
(307) 461-3119
Email: [email protected][email protected]

United St. Johns Meetings

Wed Jun 24
6:00 PM MDT
Thu Jun 25
11:00 am MDT, 6:00 PM MDT
Fri Jun 26
11:00 am MDT, 6:00 PM MDT
Sat Jun 27
11:00 am MDT, 6:00 PM MDT
Sun Jun 28
11:00 am MDT

Preachers in attendance:: American Missionary Preachers & others.